Botkiller 2

Botkiller2 is a sideways scrolling platform game in which you control a Special Forces Trooper and must save a skyscraper belonging to SpaceTronic Inc from malfunctioning. This is done by working your way down to the underground installations below the skyscraper to shut down it’s main reactor.
You start the game on the 19th floor of the building, and the aim of each level is to get to the exit. However you have to complete a number of tasks before the exit is accessible. For example, on the first level you need to get a blue key card to open a door in front of the exit.
In order to get to the exit of the level, you need to work your way round it. This is done by using lifts, teleporters and destroying droids that get in the way. As you progress, the levels get bigger and become more difficult to complete.
The game includes break points (pink dots).
Canisters can be shot to obtain extra pick ups and coins. Collect the coins and then when you visit the shop you can use them to buy new items and weapons to help you in your mission. There are various types of canister; the standard grey ones which contain nothing, the ones with red on contain coins, and the ones with blue on contain items and bonuses. It is always useful to destroy these canisters as they can get in the way and block routes.
During levels you will encounter terminals. You can access these and gain information about the objective of that particular level.

Botkiller 2 was originally released by Artex Software and later included in the 4th Dimension Maze Games compilation CD published by APDL.


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