By Fair Means or Foul

The objective of the game is to defeat each of the opposing boxers over 15 rounds or within five chances (lives).

You can compete against another player or against the computer, and attempt to become the World Champion by defeating six opponents, each in turn more difficult to beat. Once you have become the World Champion, you then continue to defend your title against tough opponents.

Apart from foul moves, there are also of course the standard legal moves, including punches and blocks. It will be noticed that a knock-out does not normally indicate the end of a bout, simply the end of a round exhausting all of the boxer’s energy. This energy is then restored at the beginning of the next round.

If two players become too close, they will automatically go into a hold position and cross sides of the ring. On repetition of this move, a player runs the risk of forfeiting a chance (life).


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