City Cars

City Cars is a Racing game, developed and published by Flexi Link Software, which was released in Europe in 1996.

If you can cast your minds back to the early Spectrum days of games like OutRun and Chase HQ then maybe you’lI have an idea of what City Cars plays like. Although this effort is actually in colour, the gameplay is fairly non-existent.

It features two city cars which you’d expect your grandparents to drive when they’re off shopping, and what’s ironic is the fact that when you pick up the joystick you do feel as though you are a rather slightly impaired pensioner because you can’t even keep it in a straight line. Also, when you put your foot down it seems to go about 300 mph or something ridiculous – and that’s where the similarities between pensioners and City Cars tails off, as they usually prefer to go at 3mph… on a motorway.

I do feel sorry for Alan Surgess. the programmer, because he’s probably spent a long time on it. But I’m sorry, it just cannot compete with the quality of games out there already.


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