Clever & Smart

Clever and Smart is the Anglo-Saxon version of the most popular Spanish cartoon ever: Mortadelo y Filemón by Paco Ibáñez.

Mortadelo “Clever” dresses in black, has a large nose and a gift for camouflage and the art of disguise. Filemón “Smart” is his superior and he has an egg-shaped face with only two hairs on the top of it. They work together as a combo of special agents for the T.I.A.-a Spanish parody of the C.I.A. – TIA meaning literally “aunt” in Spanish, but they always seem to mess it all up wherever they go. Their silliness and clumsiness always get them into trouble making them live bizarre and very funny situations.

The graphics are cool and the characters are funny and cartoonish but the gameplay is rather repetitive and boring after a while. The game can be confusing since there is no clear view of the whole and no clear goals. A good presentation for a mediocre game.


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