Cohort – Fighting For Rome comes from Impressions, and is the follow up to repeating the formula of a ‘miniature-style’ computer war game.

The Roman Army was one of the most famed and feared military organisations. Cohort carries on that tradition by fighting for the vain glory of Rome. Maintaining the Pax Romana, or Roman Peace, will be a very challenging experience, for during that period, the Romans were almost continuously at war!

And so, once more unto the breach, dear friends, and into battle. The impressive sounds of armed combat include the clanking swords and the cries of the dying. Choose your army with care from a selection of infantry, archers and cavalry. Do not look for Michelangelo to have designed the graphics. The soldiers are cartoon-style, cuddly characters and representations of the background are fairly basic.

Cohort is a good place for newcomers to lock horns with war strategy games. It is fairly easy to pick up and become involved in detailed attacks to outwit the opposition. That said, Cohort is not in the same league as other recent Roman war games such as EA’s Centurion. The appeal of Cohort lies in it being basic and accessible. Perhaps of greater importance, the history pamphlet will enable you to amaze (or bore) your friends with the horrors of the Pyrrhic wars.


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