Cylon Attack

Cylon Attack is a pseudo 3D space shooter played from a first-person perspective and clearly based on the American TV series Battlestar Galactica where the Cylon race is featured, but not carrying an official license. The player is the only interceptor pilot on an Earth supply mothership. He has to survive the different attack waves of the enemies while defending the ship. At the start of each wave he is launched in a fighter ship and needs to destroy all enemies to survive the wave, while flying around freely.

There is only a limited amount of fuel available, but the player can return to the mothership at any time for a refuel, leaving the main base exposed for a moment. A radar map near the top of the screen shows the position of enemies and the main ship. The player’s ship can climb up and down, and turn. When an alien vessel approaches, the sights (cross-hair) changes, indicating when there is a good chance of a hit. When it changes a second time, it locks onto the enemy. Only a laser weapon can be fired and it takes some time to recharge.

The screen shows the player’s score, the high score, the status of the mothership, the remaining strength of the shields, the amount of fuel left, and various indicators for climb/turn ratio and the lasers.


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