Daisenryaku 88

Daisenryaku 88 is the second game in the turn-based war strategy series. The core mechanics are similar to those of Gendai Daisenryaku: there are two belligerents in every scenario, “blue” and “red” (though they can be renamed by the player). The game includes a dozen maps with varied types of locations and terrains (islands, deserts, mountains, etc.). Many of these maps based on real-world locations (e.g. Europe, China and Korea, etc.), though without any specific dates or pre-history given, and always with contemporary weapons and vehicles. A map editor is also included.

Like in other Daisenryaku games, each side has to produce units such as infantry, several types of tanks, helicopters, etc. Production costs money, and fuel has to be delivered to the units regularly with supply trucks. Participants then navigate their units on a hex-based grid, trying to occupy cities and airports on the way for strategic advantage.


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