Danchi-zuma no Yuuwaku

Danchi-zuma no Yūwaku (“Seduction of Condominium Wives”) is the first in Koei’s self-designated “Strawberry Porno Series”. The player takes the role of a condom salesman from Kawasaki. He has to gain access to seven apartments on the first floor of a residential building and sell his wares to the women living there.

The game mostly feels like a simulation with adventure-like elements. In the beginning the parameters of the player character are generated. These include his physical and psychological endurance, the amount of initial money, etc. The playing area is a small first-person pseudo-3D environment with vector graphics and colored character sprites. The protagonist is navigated with arrow keys and interacts with the environment when the player selects commands assigned to different letters. These include In, Out, Hello, Knock, Open, Take, Pay, Sell, and the ever useful Fuck.

This last action can be performed on different women depending on their disposition towards the player. Convincing women to buy condoms and/or have sexual intercourse usually involves carefully and repeatedly combining various commands. Each command may have a negative influence on the player character’s stats – for example, simply moving around reduces his physical stamina, and the game is over when it reaches zero. Should the protagonist succeed in his amorous conquest, a censored, but unequivocally implicit sexual scene is shown. There is, however, no explicit nudity in the game.


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