Daylight Robbery

The object of the game is to grab as much loot as possible. You do have the odd incentive, like the fact that if you fail to grab all the gems within the lime limit, the alarm goes off and you loose a life. Loose all your lives and you’re back behind bars. Ignoring the two and three player options you tackle the first gem ridden, monster free screen. It’s a simple screen but then it is the first and designed to introduce you to the game.

Daylight Robbery is one of those games with simplistic gameplay that keeps you glued to the keyboard. It’s not the rules of the game that make the game so much fun, but the situations you find yourself in. Each level consists of a single screen upon which you will find the gems of various colour. Before each level begins, the Security Computer tells you in which colour order the gems must be collected. This is without a doubt a simple, fun and strangely addictive game.


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