This game was originally published by Superior Software, with a re-release on their Blue Ribbon budget label.

DeathStar is a clone of Sinistar with identical gameplay. Players command a ship in space with the backdrop scrolling endlessly in all directions. The space ship always moves forward and it can be rotated left or right in turns of 22.5 degrees, making up sixteen directions in total. There are two additional actions: shooting regular bullets and launching a starbomb. To win a level and move on to a next zone, the player has to defeat a large space craft called DeathStar.
When the Deathstar is blown up, a warp drive is activated to move on to the next zone: Worker Zone, the Warrior Zone, the Planetoid Zone and finally the Void Zone. Between each zone there is a bonus screen.
The player starts with three lives. There is a radar image near the top of the screen where the various objects and opponents are shown as dots: the player’s ship (white), warriors (blue), workers (red), Deathstar (white).


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