Decton is a clone of the C64 game Space Taxi. You fly a hovering vehicle in a closed cave, navigating from a base platform to a blue target platform, and back to the base, without touching the walls of the cave or other obstacles.

Your home platform is colored white, the other platforms start out blue, and turn yellow when visited. Only one platform at a time should be visited before you return to your home platform, mimicking a cargo pickup/delivery. Visiting more platforms at a time does not make them all go yellow, only the first counts.

If your vehicle touches anything, it explodes and you respawn on the base platform, continuing as if you completed the last delivery. Once all platforms are yellow, the level is complete and you move on to the next level.

The scoring is both for delivery completion (10 points per visited platform) and time based (a bonus score counts down from 200) and crashing your vehicle does not detract from the score, but you have a limited number of 6 ships to use before it’s game over.


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