A straight Breakout clone this, but unfortunately it is a straight Breakout clone that has been irrefutably out-Breakout-cloned by every other Breakout clone on the market. The only two notable changes from the original bat ‘n’ brick game reads thus: your bat can be a.) altered before play to seven marginally (and pointlessly) different sizes and is b.) armed with a laser to shoot Pac-Men and cold roast turkeys (?) who try to rebuild the wall whilst you’re busy demolishing It.

So what’s wrong with it? Well, unfortunately, without Arkanoid’s bonus canisters available tor exploration and exploitation, clearing each screen becomes a methodical and tiring process of moving the bat back and fourth to hit the ball. And besides, all the screens are the same (give or take the irrelevant scrolling backgrounds which change from screen to screen) so the game has no hook or addictiveness to it at all. Hardly three pee’s worth of entertainment, let alone three quid’s.


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