Dimensional Fighter Epsilon 3

Epsilon3 is a sci-fi shooter with role-playing elements. The inhabitants of the planet Mu are planning to eradicate all organic life in the universe. To counter that, humans initiated project Epsilon3, sending the most skillful mecha fighter to three cities that must be liberated at first. The player can choose to start in any of the cities, which vary in difficulty. In spite of being called so, the cities in reality mainly consist of vast wilderness areas with a few abstract blocks representing non-interactive buildings.

The game is viewed in first-person pseudo-3D and is monochrome; the player can choose any color for the world and the enemies. The latter appear randomly, initiating combat sequences. The player character cannot move during battles or escape from them. Combat is action-based, resembling arcade shooters. It is necessary to aim and sometimes hit the enemy’s weakpoint to succeed. There is a variety of weapons divided into two categories: beam (plasma, laser, etc.) and launcher (rocket, missile, etc.), assigned to respective keys during combat. Weapons and their ammunition can be acquired after successfully defeating enemies. The player character is also awarded experience points and grows stronger.


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