Dithell in Space

Dithell In Space is an Action game, developed by Darren Ithell and published by Hard’n’Soft, which was released in Europe in 1994.

Dithell has a big white line around his head, it’s his spaceman’s helmet. He also has a gun. You got it, it’s time to shoot aliens. And what do shot aliens do? Yes, they turn into fruit to collect for extra points. Dithell in Space is a simple platformy shoot ‘em up set over 70 short levels, thankfully with passwords.

The aim is uncomplicated enough, zap every alien. Levels switch between platform-covered planets and horizontal shoot ‘em ups. There are extra lives and weapon power-ups to be had if you waste enough nasties. Dithell’s jet pack means you don’t have to rely on the platforms. Hovering is tricky though, you tend to bong up and down. The bonuses and nasties zoom around like nobody’s business. The games are often short and sweet as an aliens comes out of nowhere and quite unfairly ends it all.

The graphics are simple and cartoony with some lovely swirty backgrounds Sound’s agreeable too, with music and lots of sound effects.
One look tells you this is not the product off a big software house. It isn’t, it’s the result of a lot of hard work, probably in the beck-bedroom (but we can’t be sure at this stage) of one chap. Darren Ithell.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Simple zap-and-collect antics, not the most sophisticated of games but jolly and it’s certainly not going to break the bank.


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