Domination is a two-player game (can also be played against the AI) in which the opponents battle by using robots. Each player has a headquarter and four robots with different statistics, e.g. speed, armor or regeneration. The basic goal is to find and destroy the opponent headquarters with the robots. The player can only control one robot directly at the time, the others are taken over by the AI. However, the player can issue commands (search, attack or defend) which are followed in absence.

During the first round, one additional goal is to collect weapon boxes and energy towers. Before round two starts, players get the opportunity to upgrade their robots with the collected weapons and energy (the latter goes into the abilities). It is important to note that the screen is always split in two, even in single-player, and that the playfield has different planes. However, it hangs in the air and allows robots to fall down at the edge – it comes back up, but in this time the opponent has an advantage.


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