Dodgy Geezers
Amstrad CPC

You are out of jail after spending three years in jail (two years plus bad behaviour) for your part in the Long Ditton Spaghetti Caper, and you want to do one last job that will set you up for life and allow you to live on the Costa Bravo. You know there is that job in the planning stages but you don’t know what it is or when it will be carried out. You have to explore the town and get your old gang back, find out the details to the big heist and prove that you are a leader by earning the respect of the local criminal elements. Once you have the details and have your gang back you then need to carry out the actual heist.

Dodgy Geezers is a graphic text adventure with text on the screen describing your location with some locations having a picture showing what you see (except on the Acorn versions). You use the keyboard to type in commands to interact with your surroundings.


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