Donkey Gorilla

The year is 1983. Your helicopter has had to make an emergency landing in Africa, but you’ve landed in an exceptionally dangerous place: the village where Donkey Kong’s descendants live. You’ve been chased up into a palm tree and are hanging on a rope, but the apes aren’t going to leave you be, so you’re going to have to defend yourself!

Donkey Gorilla is a basic action game where the player controls the stranded character hanging from a rope tied between palm trees. On the ground are a number of primates, and they must be eliminated before they can climb the tree and cut the rope. There is also a bat that flies overhead, attacking from above, but will sometimes fly low enough to be shot. Only a direct hit to the head will kill an ape, and if the player is killed either by the apes or the bat above, all apes on that stage will return. If the player can eliminate all the apes, then play continues on the next stage with a different formation of apes.


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