Drop Ship

The year is 2030 and planet Earth receives a transmission from a colony on Mars stating that there has been an outbreak of radiation and that their defence systems have gone haywire and are on the brink of meltdown. The only way to stop this is by shutting down all the reactors on the Mars colony – so guess what your mission is in this game?

Dropship places you in control of a small ship and you must shut down the reactor on each of the 15 levels. However there is a bit more to this task than simply shutting them down, you have to collect all of the power crystals on each level. Once this is achieved then head to the exit and the level is complete and the reactor can be closed down. To obtain the crystals you need to destroy the crystal bases. When a base is destroyed the crystal will appear and float around the screen until it is collected.

You will encounter numerous hazards on your mission to obtain the crystals. Most notably the defence systems which will shoot at you should you get near them, so blast them away before they do the same to you. On later levels you have to shoot pressure points to make doors open to let you into other parts of the level.

There is also the added factor of gravity so should you not maintain thrust your craft will plummet towards the bottom of the screen, and if it hits anything then you will lose a life.

During the game when you destroy aliens and defence systems, bonus credits will appear. Collect these and in between levels you can spend them in the shop to buy upgrades for your ship.


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