E-Type 2

The objective of this game is the same as in the original E-Type, each track has a time limit and you have to reach the end before the time runs out. There are 5 tracks as before, each with varying levels of difficulty. Although the objective is the same, you will encounter a number of differences which weren’t present in the original game.

There is now a ‘Fire’ button. This is so that you can use the various new bonuses that appear along the way, things like oil slicks and laser fire, which can be used to get cars and obstacles out of the way.

Other new features include weather effects such as snow and rain which affect the way that the car will handle on the road. The tracks now feature tunnels and Police speed check areas.

A two player mode and also a Pursuit mode in which there is no time limit and the object is to last longer than your opponent to win the game have been added.


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