Emerald Mine

Emerald Mine is a Maze game, developed and published by Kingsoft, which was released in Europe in 1987.

Emerald Mine holds your interest even after the novelty has worn off. It is not unusual in that it is a series of puzzles you must solve in sequence but this game, however, contains over 100 levels! The levels are often difficult to master: you must learn the rules of each, maneuver around obstacles, and avoid the merciless creatures.

In each level, your objective is to gather all the emeralds in the allotted time. Besides emeralds, you will find: diamonds, which carry three times the point value of emeralds; rocks, which you can topple onto creatures; explosives; keys to linked rooms; wheels that attract enemy bugs and more. Emerald Mine is fast paced, but il doesn’t requite the reflexes of Superman. One or two people can play: two-player mode lets you and a friend play simultaneously as a team. The game saves 30 high scores for each level on the copy protected disk.

A smooth-scrolling view screen displays part of the large playing area. The sound effects add to the game without distracting you, and the graphics are adequate.

I’m addicted. My children love Emerald Mine. Even my jaded friends are hooked. If you want a game you will not quickly tire of, dig in!


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