Enter the Realm

The object of Enter the Realm is to reach the end of each level, of which there are many, and then leave it through the exit. Along the way you will encounter many enemies both on the ground and in the air, all of which need to be destroyed. There are also a number of land obstacles including bombs, spikes and snowballs. Again these can be disposed of by shooting at them, or you can jump over them instead. You can also avoid enemies by crouching down and let them fly overhead. Some of the snowballs are quite tricky to destroy and it proves to be much easier to simply crouch down and let them fly by overhead.

All creatures and obstacles which are destroyed will leave behind bonuses, some just add to your score, but others can be very useful and add more power to your weapon. Make sure you collect any hearts that appear as these will top up your energy levels, however they don’t increase the number of lives you have. Whatever you do don’t pick up the skull as this will do the opposite to the hearts and drain your energy levels.

You start the game with 2 spare lives, each life has an energy bar which when it runs out means you lose a life. Beware as this energy bar level can drop really quickly sometimes if you run into a large pack of badies. Luckily there are bombs you can pick up which will clear all the enemies on the screen in one go. You can also pick up temporary invulnerability shields and a freeze potion which will temporarily freeze anything on the screen which will give you a chance to dispose of everything a bit more easily.


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