Falcon Mission Disk: Operation: Counterstrike
Atari ST

Objective: Total defeat of the enemy forces by destroying all the enemy industrial and ground assets.

First came the original FALCON F-16 Fighter Simulation, with all its superb flight characteristics, full weapons complement, and impressive 3-D graphics displays. With the new mission disk, expand your FALCON world into a full campaign with all the extras.

Your “ace” pilot skills are about to be put to the ultimate test. Today’s target is the enemy power station, vital to their offensive. Naturally the location is deep in enemy territory and to fly there avoiding all the SAM sites, MiGs and hostile tanks will require all your resourcefulness. So far your successes have been mounting. The last of the T-80 tanks was dangerously close to your airbase before your last Mk84 bomb dropped dead on target. Then there was the attack on the seemingly indestructible bridge which is the main route for enemy supply trains. With your heavy bomb load you were a real “sitting duck” for those feisty MiG-29’s, but thanks to some superb maneuvering and steady nerves, you received yet another ribbon for a job well done. But no time to reflect, here they come again…”Bogey at 6 o’clock – closing fast!”


Twelve different missions (designed for successive play to accomplish one major campaign)
Four moving enemy vehicles (tanks, trains, amphibious landing craft and trucks)
Static targets (power station, oil refinery, factory and bridges)
Secondary explosions
Enemy MiG-29’s
New terrain


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