Felix Meets the Evil Weevils

Killer Weevils have overrun the factory. The only way for Felix to kill them is the spray them in the face with pesticide. You will need one aerosol can of “Ubik” to kill each weevil, and you must be quick because if a weevil reaches a pulsating Mutation Chamber, it becomes a Purple Superweevil! Beware also of the ball-bearings which come rolling along the conveyors. These are harmless to the soft-bodied weevils but deadly to you.

To help you along, you will find the following items useful.

The belt lever, which enables you to reverse belts at will.
Oxygen cylinders, to replenish your ever-decreasing supply.
The emergency panic button (only one per life), which makes you immune to weevils and ball-bearings for a while.
You may jump down small distances but you can never jump up.


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