Fiendish Freddy’s Big Top O’ Fun

The Big Top O’ Fun circus is in deep trouble: due tonight is the payment of a $10.000 loan to the Big Greedy Bank. The evening’s performance must bring in that money or the circus will be seized. The bank does not play fair, though: they send the evil clown Fiendish Freddy to sabotage the acts.

The performance consists of six different events. There is a practice mode for single events, and up to five players can compete in the full game, but must reach the $10.000 on their own, not together. The money is awarded by a jury after each act.

In this game, you try to save your circus from Fiendish Freddy buying it out by preforming 6 circus acts which include…

High Diving, Juggling, Trapeze, Knife Throw, Tightrope, and Cannonball

These games are rather tricky, and watch out for Fiendish Freddy who has a fiendish trick up his sleeve every time.


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