Five Stones of Anadon

For some time now, the Wizard of Anadon has gradually been growing weaker. Now the time has arrived when he can no longer guarantee that his power is sufficient to protect the land. Reports grow of fire-breathing monsters terrorising hamlets all over the land and carrying off many scores of the land’s people to their death.

In order to banish evil once more and restore the Wizard’s power, you must gather all five parts of the great stone circle of Anadon. Only if you can transfer all five parts to the place where the magix is powerful can you hope to save the land.

But beware! Whilst the wizard is but weak he can help reveal the five stones to you, but should be weaken further they will be no longer visible! You will then still be able to gather them but your task will be a thousand fold harder.

Remember, if the Wizard should die then you will have failed in your task.


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