Force One
Commodore 64

In the year 2430 there is a great war being fought amongst the stars called the 2nd Solar War. Deep in the enemies Fifth Star System, a cargo bulk carrier called Saturn Voyager has been attacked by enemy ships and the crew have been forced to abandon ship in escape pods. The escape pods are defenceless and easy to destroy so an SOS has been sent out to help them get back home. You are the commander of a battle fighter called Force One and you must destroy waves of enemy craft to rescue the escape pods. The game is a side view horizontally scrolling shooter where you must fly from left to right with the screen scrolling constantly and destroy as many alien crafts as you can with your lasers. If you touch any alien craft then you lose one of four lives and when all lives are lost then it is game over. When you approach an escape pod a warning comes up with the pod scrolling from right to left. A wave of enemy craft are also on screen and you must destroy the wave without shooting or touching the pod or it will be lost and you lose a life.


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