Forest Dumb Forever

Forest Dumb Forever is a Platform game, developed by Eagle Software Ltd and published by L.K. Avalon, which was released in Europe in 1998.

Forest Dumb Forever is a side-scrolling platform game and the sequel of Forest Dumb. The action has been moved from the forest to a castle. The aim for the player is to reach the designated number of coins and the exit gate before time runs out. All the levels are quite extensive, full of hostile animals, deadly spikes or vanishing stone platforms. Besides the coins the player can collect numerous fruits (points) scattered around the board or use trampoline pods to perform high jumps. The hostile creatures can be killed by a jump on their head. The player can use the quick run which increases the height of the jump. After each two levels a stage code is provided.

Invincibility – Enter 2400 as a password.


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