The Scrubblies and their friends have put all the special keys in hard-to-get places. Help Trogg collect all the keys, but watch out for the balloons and daggers!

If you run out of time it becomes night-time. You can continue to play in the darkness, but you can’t yo-yo balloons or daggers.

There are a few things that Trogg can do that aren’t obvious at first sight. If you hold the yo-yo key down, Trogg yo-yos further. If that still doesn’t reach where you’re trying to yo-yo, move a step or two closer (if you can) and try again. You will need to do this halfway across the first sheet and again later.

Trogg can walk past one rope and catch the next one along or walk off a platform and grab hold of the rope beside it. This is useful at the start of the fourth sheet (hold the “Down” key down and walk right off the log-end). If you’re having jumping across gaps, go to the top of the first bit on sheet one and practise up there. You’ll have Trogg leaping around in no time at all!

If you’re wondering what everything does: bulbs give you more time before it goes dark, gems boost your score, and all the keys must be collected to finish each screen. Remember that Trogg has a big nose that helps get keys – although it often gets in the way! You start with three lives.


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