Frankenstein 2000

It is the year 2000 AD. Using all the advanced micro-particle technology now available, Freddy Frankenstein has set about bringing to life the monster created by his great grandfather, the infamous Baron Frankenstein.”
The year is 2000 AD and Freddy Frankenstein has inherited his great grandfather’s castle in Bavaria. On taking possession of the estate, he discovers the location of his great grandfather’s creation, the monster.
He decides to follow in his ancestor’s foorsteps and revive the monster by using the advanced 21st century technology that is now available. After many weeks of sleepless nights the experiment is ready. Using a micro-particle reduction field, Freddy is going to shrink an explorer class submarine to the size of a pin head (whilst he is inside it) and inject it into the vast body of the monster in an effort to locate and correct the defects that have caused the experiment to fail in the past.


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