Funturatum is a turn based managerial game played on the planet Whorn. The main goal is to acquire four pieces of a magical object called Funtolmin and combine them with the fifth part being in the hands of the Funturatum mayor, who’s willing to sell it for a large amount of gold. The artifact is searched by four rival families, each possessing one element. The game takes place on the 174×174 grid randomly generated map. Each player has a ship with a crew. The turn is restricted to twenty moves, but it may be extended up to thirty one by the purchase of a better ship. The player may move across the sea and send an expedition to the mainland. Finding the plantation allows the production of twelve types of crops, building agricultural facilities, granary, setting military defense and trade with the merchant. All goods may be sold in the cities, where the player may also recruit the crew members, buy one of four types of ships (different capacity of soldiers, goods and range of motion), gamble in the tavern or find a passenger needing transport to a designated location. The land expedition may result in finding chests full of treasure or encountering enemy estates, which may be taken over by force. The enemy may be weakened by hiring a specialist of black work (like sabotage of plantation). In addition various random events can appear during the game.


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