Amstrad CPC

In 3001, ravaged by the nuclear holocaust, the Earth is no more. The last judgment obliges the Creator to send men to hell. A thousand years later, the angel Gabriel comes to save repentant souls. This scenario, very moralistic, is only a pretext to stage a hailed character armed with sabers in a classic game M of platforms. Hell is up to date because it is guarded by robots! Don’t look for humans, there aren’t any! In fact, you are exploring worlds dotted with very useful objects. Some allow you to get extra lives like vials and UBI robots, others help you destroy the robots on the screen (hearts and crosses). The transition to the second world requires the use of a key and a detonator.

Graphics, sound effects and animation are satisfactory. Gabrielle, without being original, is a nice shoot them up that pulls out of the game


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