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Galaxia is a horizontally scrolling shoot-em-up, where your jet battles 10 waves of space nasties on an alien planet. Each wave or level lasts for about 10 seconds, during which time hordes of creatures of a specific type traverse the screen from right to left. The earliest waves are populated with relatively harmless Rammers, followed by more erratically moving Mushys and Spiders and eventually highly mobile Swoopers which can shoot and the very fast moving Baiters. Contact with the aliens or their projectiles will cause you to lose one of your jets. Shooting them gives you points, with the more dangerous aliens being worth more.

After the ten waves of nasties have been avoided, a starship appears which moves with a fairly unpredictable vibrating motion. Directly touching the nose of your ship to the exact centre of the back of the starship allows you to dock to earn bonus points. However even a narrow miss will cause your jet to explode. After the starship disappears, the colour of the screen changes and you loop back to the Rammers at a slightly faster speed.


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