Galcon Labs
PSP Minis

Conquer the Galaxy like never before! Galcon Labs is an awesome high-paced galactic arcade-strategy game. Send swarms of ships to defeat enemy planets and conquer the universe!

Exclusively designed for PlayStation®Minis campaign mode to unlock the four innovative new game modes to you:

Billiards: ‘Moving Planets’ – need we say more? With a constantly changing battlefield this game never has a dull moment.

Stealth: Enemy ships become invisible, changing Galcon into a game of inter-galactic hide and seek!

Crash: Ships battle in mid-flight, bringing a whole different twist to the classic gameplay. You can now defeat the enemy in the air!

Assassin: Each opponent is assigned a target. The first player to annihilate their target wins the round!

Galcon Labs: Conquer the galaxy in five minutes!


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