Georg Glaxo

Georg Glaxo is a promotional game released by the Danish subsidiary of pharmaceutical company Glaxo. It’s a side scrolling platform shooter where the player takes control of Georg, a boy who has asthma. The game consists of four levels, each representing one of the seasons of the year. In each level the young boy will come across various animals that he can dodge or shoot at. Some of these, like sharks, are direct dangers while others just affects Georg’s asthma. If it gets too bad he will get sick, start to cough and move slower. However this can be prevented by taking the right medicine. There are three different kinds of medicine, Flixotide (orange), Serevent (green) and Ventoline (blue). The orange and green should be taken every morning and evening, while the blue one is taken when Georg gets sick. A green, yellow and orange meter shows the current condition. If the marker is within the green area everything is okay.


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