Golden Oldies: Volume 1

Probably the first retro-collection ever foisted upon the buying public, [Golden Oldies is a] collection of 4 classic computer games (well, 3 computer games and an adaptation of an electronic video game). Play Eliza, Conway’s Life, Crowther’s Adventure, or Al Alcorn’s Pong. All 4 games are liberal adaptations- there is no standard Eliza, and this versions seems to lack compared to others. Pong is an ASCII rendition of the game (and includes a remake with color!) Life, however, includes various pre-formed populations, including the infamous glider-gun that figures prominently in the book “Hackers”

The games are not as fun as their originals, but they are good enough to give you a good sense of nostalgia… and a peek of how gaming looked in 1984. Recommended if you collect oldies, but probably won’t be of interest to a casual gamer.


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