Graphic Adventure Creator
Amstrad CPC

The Graphic Adventure creator is a tool to create interactive fiction games. A utility to draw background graphics is included, but it is also possible to create text-only games.

You’re allowed to define up to 255 nouns, 255 verbs, 255 adverbs and 9999 rooms, as long as your adventure doesn’t get bigger than 23k. For an adventure to work, it is also necessary to define several conditions (i.e. what happens if certain conditions are true/false).

Conditions are divided into high priority, low priority and local conditions. High priority conditions are checked before the player can input any commands. Their uses include checking whether the player is still alive, or letting certain non-interactive events happen (upon entering a room, for example). Local priority conditions are checked after player input and deal with things local to a particular room e.g. whether certain objects are in that room. Low priority conditions work similar to local priority conditions with the difference that they are not confined to individual rooms, and check ,for example, which objects you are carrying.

The parser features it-detection and understands multiple commands per line (e.g. take box and open it).

To make creating games a little easier, GAC includes a quick start file with many preset verbs and messages like “take”, “look”, “What now?”, “Pardon?” etc., that are commonly used in adventures. Also included are two short “sample” adventures, one with graphics and one text only.


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