Heavy on the Magick
Amstrad CPC

Heavy on the Magick is a video game for Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum published in 1986 by Gargoyle Games. The game’s influences draw heavily from the occult, with the Master Therion in the plot below a reference to Aleister Crowley. To finish the game, the player must invoke numerous demons who are based on their “real” counterparts, e.g. Belezbar is based on Beelzebub. The player controls the neophyte wizard Axil the Able and must help him escape from the dungeons below the castle of Colloden’s Pile. This a keyboard-only game, and uses a set of commands (called “Merphish” in-game) such as the standard north, south, east and west (N,S,E,W) and some additional unique commands such as invoke (I), freeze (f), and blast (b). Conversations with certain friendly characters such as Apex the Ogre are initiated in the following syntax: “[character],[speech]” e.g. “Apex, thanks”. The dungeons are full of dangerous and hostile creatures such as wyverns, goblins and vampires. Axil can defend himself using magic to stall or kill these creatures.[2] Not everyone in the dungeon is an enemy, some inhabitants (such as Apex the Ogre) are friendly unless provoked and can be conversed with. The dungeon itself is separated into several distinct levels which Axil can travel to and from at will provided he can find the staircases up or down.


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