You have been transported to the strange and wondrous land of Hezarin, a world held in the grip of an evil tyrant – the sorceror Arijith. As a sworn-in member of the Adventurers’ Guild, you cannot ignore the inhabitants’ plea for help, and although no doubt this will not stop you from acquiring the odd treasure along the way, your ultimate task is to overcome the tyrant and free the peasants from his oppressive reign…
Rumour has it that the Ruling Council of Hezarin, an imniscient body that works in mysterious ways, foresaw the rule of the old tyrant and crafted a magic device, in the form of an old panelled box, which could be used to overcome him; but over the passage of time the box has been lost and the secret of its use forgotten. Other sources say that Arijith himself consigned the box to a secret location deep in the bowels of the earth, and has woven dark spells and set hidden traps so that no ordinary man may chance upon it…
You start your exploration in a large field out of which rises an out-crop of glistening white limestone. To the north lies thick forest, to the west an apparently infinite plain, and to the east a thick hedge. Where next?
The skeleton of Hezarin was put together in 1981 by Steve Tinney and Alex Ship.


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