Hollywood Poker Pro

Hollywood Poker Pro is a Adult Card game, developed and published by reLine, which was released in Europe in 1989.

One after another these strip poker games appear; sequels, updates, data disks, the only variations occuring in the quality of the graphics. Hollywood Poker was one of the first on the Amiga, and now Hollywood Poker Pro has arrived you can do it all over again.

It starts off well with a digitised silhouette of a girl dancing to some sampled music, rather like the title sequence of Tales of the Unexpected. When you have had enough of that you can choose to play against one of four girls. Once your opponent runs out of credits she sells an item of clothing for another 100 credits. If your balance falls below zero you lose the game.

The graphics are sharp, but if you want a close-up you can use the zoom feature which doubles the pixel size. A few slow tunes play in the background but are not the sort of thing you can bear for long.

Just like all the others, Hollywood Poker Pro is a good laugh with the boys, and once you have started you have to beat them all. When you have done that, and it won’t take long, I can’t see anyone coming back to it. I wont pretend I found it offensive, boring or tasteless. It’s just a good bit of fun, but a very short-lived bit of fun. I wouldn’t bother with it too much, as it just doesn’t offer good value for the money. But it’s better than playing chess with your brother on a rainy day.


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