Hunter X Hunter: Greed Island
Wonderswan Color

Hunter X Hunter: Greed Island is an RPG, where you collect various cards and use them in battles against your opponents.

The game starts with just two characters, Gon and Killua, but you can then find your friends to form a party of up to three people, which wasn’t possible in the original game. You’ll be able to explore every corner of Greed Island and complete in events that occur in towns, villages, etc. and collect all sorts of cards!

Battles take place in an 8 x 3 field, and are turn-based battles with a command selection system. The battle system is an evolution of the previous telekinesis battle, in which battles are fought in groups of up to 3 vs. 3, and in tactical field battles, the hit ratio and damage changes according to the distance and position of the opponent. Attacks by telekinesis and card attacks are also possible.

There are more than 220 cards in the game, including 100 rare cards that can be placed in designated pockets, 40 cards with magical effects, 40 item cards and 40 monster cards that can be used to turn defeated monsters into cards and capture them. You can also take the cards to the trade shop to exchange them for money.


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