Ilyad is a side scrolling shoot ’em up with big sprites. You control a spaceship and your goal is to defeat all enemies. A sinister villain named Baron Arkhon has unbalanced the temporary space of the galaxy. We must destroy their bases and set the temporary equilibrium in 4 different ages (destinations):The Creation, Prehistory, Antiquity and the Middle Ages. At the end we will have to enter the fortress of Arkhon to destroy the generator of a infernal time machine. We can obtain 14 power-ups like Speed Down/Up and several types of improvements for the shot. The most effective are the triple trigger as Bustar, Doolyx, Jaxtorys, Leitun or Kyus. At the end of stages the are enormous final bosses with enormous sprites that require a lot of shots. Ilyad has a very effective soundtrack..


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