In 80 Days Around the World
Atari ST

Based on a tale first scripted by Jules Verne. You start as Phileas Fogg in the Reform Club of London where Fogg boasts that he is able to traverse the world in 80 days. The nobs of the Reform Club force him to bet all he owns: 20.000 GBP. Together with your Butler Passepartout you set off on 2nd October to your great adventure.

Half the time of the game you play as Phileas Fogg, half the time as Butler Passepartout. The screen shows a world map, a puffing train in the corner indicates the speed level you travel, a money bag indicates your finances and 2 buttons exist where you can bribe (to speed up the train) and play cards (to increase your financials). Action parts are arcade-styled, normally side-scrolling platform-action in which you have to collect items for your further travel. The first action-adventure parts starts in India, where you control Passepartout running through the Jungle to a temple where you have to collect something for your further adventures. While running through the jungle, Indians drop things on you and throw spears after you. You must beware of fall traps and make the exit in time or your adventure is over.

Your next stop take place in Japan – here you have to catch acrobats on your shoulders. Next action part in America: Beware of dodging wolves! Afterwards you must copy the dance of an indian medicine-man if you don’t want to end as an Indian snack… Finally after returning to England you have to master the Dungeons of London. Are you able to return within 80 days to the Reform Club?


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