Insector Hecti In the Inter Change
Amstrad CPC

You play the role of Insector Hecti, a computerised detective who explores and protects computer circuits. You have been sent to the Interchange, a highly sensitive area, which has been invaded by Victor Virus and his gang of bugs. On 50 circuits they have changed the direction of some of the blocks on each circuit and your task is to straighten them all back up. Viewed from above with each circuit shown on screen you must walk along the circuits to the misaligned pieces and turn them back round to the correct position and a ping sounds when it is in the correct position.

As you sort the circuit some of Victor’s bugs roam the circuits as well and you can either avoid them, shoot them with limited balls or turn a piece of circuit round when they are next to it to destroy them. Once all the bugs have been destroyed they don’t reappear. If you touch a bug, fall through a gap or fall of the edge of the circuit then you lose one of five lives and when all lives are gone it is game over. There is a password provided after every five levels to stop you repeating too many circuits. There is also a clock counting down and the circuit must be completed within the time. Occasionally some items appear to help you and these are extra balls, smart bomb, shield (limited), extra speed, freeze all bugs, extra time and stop timer.


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