Intergalactic Trader

The object of the game is to mine asteroids which contain a rare ore. This ore is extremely valuable to a planet called Trionica. Each player starts with one asteroid and 20,000 Yiyons (pronounced ZI-YONS). Each asteroid leased by a player is connected via an enclosed conveyor belt to a central collection point called a Collector. It is at this Collector that the three main types of transporter (Shuttle, Freighter and Transfleet) can dock to pick up units. Units mined at the asteroids are automatically transferred to the Collector. Using one of the three main types of transporter, units are then shipped from the Collector to the Spaceport. The units are then shipped from the Spaceport to Trinonica where they are sold for Trigons (the Intergalactic monetary unit). Only Star Ships can be used to carry units from the Spaceport to Trionica.


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