Iron Trackers

Transport on Quad bikes is the only available form of transportation in a post nuclear disaster world, and it is your occupation. It is very dangerous, and you need to survive racing from city to city. Equipping your Quad with different weapons and engines, you should choose your route and traverse swamp roads, inner city streets, and forest tracks to complete your mission.

In your quest you will encounter Mutant Appendages that will drag you into the murky depths of the swamp; fences, walls, barriers, and traps which you must avoid; primitive natives, and wild animals; police vehicles and Urban Warriors who will stop at nothing to catch and kill you.

The game is third-person racing action arcade, where the player controls a Quad and shoots the enemies with the weapon chosen for it.

Gameplay is available for one or two players. In two players mode the screen is split on two sides, and each player may play in cooperative or competitive mode.


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