Ivan “Ironman” Stewart’s Super Off Road

Across the Big Pond, Ivan ‘Iron Man’ Stewart is something of a celebrity in the world off off-road racing. King of the four wheel drive pick-up truck, Ivan has won more trophies and awards than you can shake a 4×4 at. His exploits saw Leland write a coin-op and now Graftgold have taken on the task of converting the Iron Man coin-op.

It’s the start of the racing season and the four-by-four trucks are ready and raring to go, Iron Man is there and so are three other contestants revving up on the start line. With the flag going down, the trucks nitro away from the start line, bumping and bashing their way past each other up hill and down ditch. Coming first is recommended but the only requirement for staying in the championship is that you complete the fifth lap ahead of any other computer-controlled car (and that includes Iron Man Ivan himself).

Presentation of the game is really good: Three-player mode, attractive start-up screens, select a country option (complete with anthems). Multiload for each track but it’s not excessive. Great attention to graphics detail in the relatively small trucks and their movement with plenty of frames of animation, great dirt shading and excellent detail in the extra effects. A jolly variety of suitably fast paced tunes (different one for each course) together with good samples. Separate country anthems, title and trophy screen tunes.

Overall, a highly playable Super Sprint variant, proving great fun with the multiplayers option, high quality graphics and excellent attention to detail.


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