Jaktar: Der Elfenstein

Jaktar: Der Elfenstein is a role-playing game set in a fantasy scenario. The peaceful kingdom Salar is under attack from the evil Elex. The only way to stop him is to recover the magical stone Jaktar which was split up into five splinters. This important task falls to a six-head adventure party which is controlled by the player. As usual in this genre, all six characters are created by the player and have statistic values which determine their abilities, e.g. strength or charisma. When enough experience points were collected by slaying enemies, those values increase.

The world itself is cruised through an overhead map. The game switches to a first-person view when a city or dungeon is entered; dialogues are multiple-choice. Combat uses the turn-based model known from The Bard’s Tale: the enemy is shown in a small window and the player gives an order to each party member, e.g. a melee or ranged attack. Those attacks can be focused on a certain part of the enemy’s body; mages can also use one of 16 spells.


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