Knight Orc
Amstrad CPC

Knight Orc is very different from anything you have seen before from Level 9. Their adventure system has been upgraded before, but this time it has been upgraded beyond recognition. So too have their graphics. Gone are the rather rudimentary and meaningless ‘representations’ replaced by ‘digitised’ pictures. Amiga owners get the best of the deal here, for there is more colour per picture on that machine than the others – including the Atari ST. But it is the mode of play that has changed most dramatically. No longer do you have to make a map, and slavishly follow it move by move to return to a place you have visited earlier. No longer do you have to remember where you dropped an object that you may need later. All that is required is that you know which object you need, or which location you want to reach. If that makes playing Knight Orc sound dead simple, then forget it! To offset the ease of operation, the adventure is endowed with more than its fair share of independent characters, with minds of their own, who get in your way, grabbing the very item you are looking for, and attack you with relentless determination. Having spent many hours playing this game I must admit that I didn’t actually finish it: I’m not sure that I want to finish wandering about this strange new world inside my Amiga. Of all the Amiga adventures I have played this is the best – try it and see.


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