Le Diamant de l’Île Maudite
Amstrad CPC

Le Diamant de l’Île Maudite (The Diamond of Cursed Island) is a role-playing adventure game with first-person graphical view and AutoFill text input.

In search of a priceless diamond hidden by a vanished civilization on a desert island in the Pacific, you will face many dangers on the island’s surface (1st part) and within a mysterious underground filled with strange creatures (2nd part). Suffered by hunger, thirst and fatigue, you will need not to get lost among the 130 locations!

Vocabulary of the game consist of about 90 words identified and instantly completed after typing the 3rd or 4th letter. If you type unknown orders, the word will be erased before you’ll finish the writing! Moreover, up to 40 orders will be executed automatically.

Some orders allow you to save game on diskette to resume it later. Arriving at the 2nd part of the game, you will be able to continue the game from this part without walking through the 1st part.

The game was originally made in French.


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