“Steer your laser-ship through a hall of meteors smashing them with your laser bolts as they hurtle towards you on all sides. Avoid being hit by the missiles from hostile flying saucers which fire at you as they pass. Your ship is equipped with as many laser bolts as you can fire and as a last resort, you can escape through hyperspace.

Complete with sound effects and table of high scores.”

Steer the ship to avoid the meteors, firing at them as you go.

Large meteors will split into smaller ones when they are hit, and these will in turn break into four fragments.

Watch out for hostile flying saucers which fire at you as they pass.

When the going gets too rough you try try escaping through hyperspace but you can’t be sure where you will re-materialise and so this can be risky!

Clear all the meteors before going on to the next screen. You start off with three ships but can gain an extra one every time you score 10000 points.


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